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Lifting Lean: Weight Training Confidence & Easy Fat Loss

If you’re low on muscle and your metabolism is crawling, this program is designed to turn that around! For these 4 weeks the focus is on lifting pairs to achieve more raw strength and muscle density. AKA: Harder muscles that burn more calories and get you leaner, faster! FINALLY feel confident with weights in your hands and no guesswork in your workouts. Every day you will know exactly what to do. You will be given one set of workouts to be repeated and built upon week over week. This is on purpose! Not only will this build your mental and physical competency in your workouts, you’ll find yourself getting more and more out of each workout, transforming you from a nervous novice to a confident lifter that can hold their own in any gym.

What’s included:
+ 5 Workouts Weekly
+ Demonstration Coaching on Every Exercise
+ Full body workouts
+ Training Diary
+ Effective for both intermediate athletes and beginners

Equipment needs:
+ Dumbbells sets (1 Medium and 1 Heavy recommend but barbell substitutes welcome!))
+ Handled Bands (1 Medium and 1 Heavy)
+ A Bench (A couch will do!)
+ A piece of cardio equipment would be nice, but is not required!

Let's Do This!

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