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Circuit Strength: Body Foundations & Fat Mobilization

This has always been my favorite way to train and if you’re uncertain of where to start in your weight-loss journey then THIS IS FOR YOU.

These 4 weeks will give you a renewed base and a quick drop of excess pounds! The goal is to be increasing your weights and pace week to week so you are given ONE set of workouts designated to specific days throughout the week to be repeated and built upon week over week. Not only will this build your confidence in the workouts, this kind of stimulus will continue to evolve naturally throughout the month, customized to your own pace and development patterns. Not only will you LOVE how you feel but you’ll be able to track measurable results both in your weight-loss and strength gains!!

What’s included:
+ 5 Workouts Weekly
+ Demonstration Coaching on Every Exercise
+ Full body workouts
+ Training Diary
+ Effective for both intermediate athletes and beginners

Equipment needs:
+ Dumbbells sets (1 Medium and 1 Heavy recommend but barbell substitutes welcome!)
+ 1 Light circle band
+ 1 Jump rope (would be nice, but it’s not required!)

Let's Do This!

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