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Train with the right coach and a real Team to achieve significant, lasting outcomes.

Team Jen is a community, centered around fitness and mindset training. As a member of the team, you’ll get a daily training session that’s part of a larger program that creates real progress in your life. You should expect that program to fit into your life, not the other way around. I’ll assess how the Team is doing by reviewing real-time data and feedback in order to develop each month’s training as we embark on this journey together. Expect bodyweight movements, banded work, conditioning, and weight training, as we shape our bodies and our minds together. Expect to get strong. Expect better stamina. Expect real work. Expect real progress.

Community Support & Encouragement

Unlimited Access & Guidance to Jen

No Guesswork Required

Claim your spot for just $1.50 a day!

Commitment-Free! If Team Jen isn’t the right fit, you may cancel at any time.

As a member of Team Jen, here’s my promise to you:

Program Details

Team Jen is for beginners and intermediates looking to get lean and gain strength. Jen Widerstrom, veteran coach on The Biggest Loser, published author, and Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine, gives Team Jen members a chance to be part of a unique community unafraid of hard work and consistent effort as she pushes you, pulls you, and takes this journey with you.

Team Jen is powered by TrainHeroic, the best human performance and coaching software company in the universe.

On Team Jen, we don’t get caught up in the popular circle.

This journey is about working hard, sticking together, and staying in our lane. We show up for each other as we learn to show up for ourselves. We care about the journey. We don’t care about what place we come in… but we will always FINISH.

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