Diet Right For Your Personality Type

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#DietRight has gone to paperback!!!! I could not be prouder of the impact my book is having and don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to all of YOU that have helped me spread the word and get my love of coaching out there!!!

​Never has there been a way for me to be your personal coach- in your home, in your days, during your hard moments– until now. Based on science and built just for you, I present you a real solution in healthy weight loss with all my “Jen Juju” included!!

The most common problem I see with anyone struggling with a fitness goal is they never take themselves into consideration when forming their action plan.

With my book, I am so excited for you to realize that you are no longer a part of the problem but a celebrated asset of your success.

Our personalities make us who we are, and understanding yours, along with your unique needs and style, is what will help you effectively lose weight for the long term rather than the short term. I will reveal the five basic, most common personality types so you can learn about yourself, and your loved ones, and own your weight-loss for life.

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