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10 Things I’ve Learned This Year

How I’m Honoring These Discoveries As I Enter My 39th Year

And just like that, I am 39!

I’ve spent this week celebrating another trip around the sun…. And each year at this time I reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, how I’ve changed… and how I haven’t, because— let’s be honest! — many things about me are stubborn and us humans take a few reps past the first try to get things right! 

For me, when I hear your stories, not only do I feel closer to you, but I see how alike we are and I gain so much from your experiences. I hope to return that same inspiration you have given me by honoring the truths we share, that are bubbling up inside of you too. 

As of today, this is what I know for sure:

  1. I’m happiest when I’m learning. 
  2. I will never give up butter and crackers. 
  3. I cannot out-busy my emotions. 
  4. Letting love in is the hardest/best thing I will ever do. 
  5. Letting people go is the other hardest/best thing I will ever do. 
  6. I spend too much money on pre-cooked Salmon. 
  7. The smallest things we have in common is all it takes to heal. 
  8. Admitting that fear is still driving some of my decisions is the only thing that allows me to face it. 
  9. I like sunrises better than sunsets. 
  10. Searching for approval will make you invisible.

I invite you to join me in celebrating what makes you YOU today (and every day). 

Always in your corner,

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