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Cellulite Celebrations & Solutions

I am one of the 80-90% of women who have cellulite. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

We often see cellulite like we see blemishes—the unwanted imperfections on our bodies that we are trying to minimize the appearance of. Somehow, in magazines and social media, the message gets muddled that cellulite is a bad thing, but cellulite is evidence of the magic that is the female body, and it is something I demand you celebrate. 

The science behind cellulite has to do with our fascia. Women’s fascia is cross stitched (think of a hashtag), as opposed to men’s fascia, which runs in parallel lines. Women’s cross stitched fascia is remarkably designed to expand safely during the creation of our little ones. With that amazing gift, our body comes with features that make us perfectly equipped to do so. The healthy reality check here is that if you choose and are able to bear children, your fascia is made to help you transition through phases of pregnancy or other stages weight gain as we move through life. 

I honor the fact that with or without children in the equation, our skin will shift regardless. I have experienced weight gain and weight loss, and with no children of my own, my cellulite was born out of everyday use and the forces of gravity. Our skin ages, it sags, IT’S NORMAL… and honestly I cannot thank jean companies everywhere enough for keeping my backside cinched and slick. So if like me, as this natural process occurs, you’re super into your girl power magic but not necessarily wanting to share ALL of it;;)…  I can assure you that there are things we can do about the appearance of cellulite. Here are some of the self care practices I use to reduce the appearance of my own:

Consistent Hydration

I always recommend consistent hydration — not only on the skin but under the skin. Not just with water, but also with hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are all really great forms of nurturing the dermis (the biggest organ in your body btw). Topically, I always use oil blend. My favorite is TRADER JOE’S LEMONGRASS COCONUT BODY OIL. It’s super affordable and super effective. I’ll throw it in with whatever body lotion I’ve got on hand and I’m golden.

Create Circulation

I elevate the circulation in my body, particularly in my legs and bottom, because that’s where we have most of our cellulite. I do that by walking, running, lifting…any form of exercise and movement that will get my blood in a happy flow!.

I also create circulation toward the surface of my skin with THESE KOREAN BATH TOWELS that I love. These are mega cool. At the end of a hot shower or warm bath, just scrub where you need it! You can shop them HERE. It brings blood and circulation to the surface of the skin that helps diminish the look of the cellulite.

I cannot encourage us all enough to drop the negative connotation that’s tied to cellulite. Our female form, by design, is magic. And the way we talk to ourselves is powerful. Our skin and our cellulite is just like any other part of us. We have smile lines just like we have soft dimples in our feminine curves. The sooner we can embrace the true beauty of our womanhood, the more free we all will be.

Always in your corner,

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