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Gaining Muscle the Girly Way

Unlike with losing fat—where you can’t exactly target the areas you’re trying to trim—you can spot train for muscle shaping. Building up certain body parts is a matter of working those muscles to total fatigue so they break down and rebuild better.

For the booty, I always recommend 15-20x per set of active clams, walking lunges, and weighted hip thrusters. For the thrusters, sit on the floor with your back against a weight bench or couch (knees bent and feet flat), holding dumbbells in both hands so the handles rest atop your hip crease; press hips up until your torso is parallel to the floor and your upper back is resting on the bench. 

For lifting your chest, you’ll want to zero in on some rhomboid rear flys along with chest presses using an inclined bench instead of a flat one. Aim for doing 15 to 25 reps with enough weight so that those last reps are tough to do—embrace the struggle!


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