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Forget the past and find your new daily max!

Many of us fall into the trap of setting high expectations of what our workouts need to look and feel like in order for them to be effective. Therefore when we fall short of those guidelines we either:

A).  Stop ourselves before we start because we don’t have the energy, time, focus, (fill in your rebuttal here!), etc to match the expectation.


B). Get yourself going but are in a constant comparison of what was and what is, and become buried in a one-sided argument against yourself that leaves you feeling defeated and worthless, even after completing the workout. 

Instead, I want you to motivate yourself by being real and asking, “Where is my body at today?” Maybe you’re sore or emotionally run down or simply dragging, and that’s FINE — it just means you can transition more slowly, pick a lighter set of weights than usual and hit a few less reps. BIG DEAL. You know darn well that moving at any intensity is better than not moving at all… especially when you remove your own personal judgement and allow yourself the grace to be where you are today. 


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