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Holding back is one of the most common setbacks I see in a person not living a life they feel connected to and struggle to find pride in. Inaction. Disbelief. Self doubt. All let the clock go tick-tock and before long what you KNEW was your truth and something you were so passionate about, you are now willing to part ways with.

The good news? Humans are great learners. We can take this present, temporary reality and go forward with a student’s mindset and do something about it! Look at the big picture and the person you know you are and aim to be and let that be your fuel in your day to day decision making and flow. Making these decisions is the shortest route to triumphant passages… Once you make up your mind, the rest will flow to and through you naturally! Break it down to the moments, taking on one thing at a time, mastering it and move forward as YOU vs that imposter you’ve been letting fill your shoes for too long.

Haven’t moved much yet this week? Try this FREE at-home workout:

4 ROUNDS (10 min)
30s Prisoner squats to extended reach
30s crab position alt toe touches (R hand to left foot – L hand to right foot)
30s Push ups (peel up if you need to!)
30s Alt reverse lunge to front kick
30s Alt reverse lunge to front kick
30s REST

10s each side then 30s REST
20s each side then 45s REST
30s each side then 60s REST
**Repeat if you dare!!


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