Write your success story!

We’ve all been there: One minute you’re working toward your goals with momentum and the next you’re lacking the inspiration to reach for the finish line. The upside is, addressing a motivation slump is simpler than you may think—by tuning into your inner compass, you can steer yourself toward the outcome you desire. In fact, it’s a tool I use daily.

Imagine it’s a Monday and you’re thinking of skipping the gym. Now, play out the storyline in your head. For me, that conversation looks something like this: Missing Mondays always messes me up mentally, causing me to begin my week down on myself—but making my workout means I’m going to be in a solid place to start my week. I’m a happier person when I follow through on things that are important to me. I love getting stronger. It makes me feel I can take on anything.

Since each decision you make, even a small one like this, will either add up to you staying invested and on track with your goal or to you quitting it, just tell yourself that all you need to do is walk through the doors of the gym. From there, start slow and complete what you can. You know you’ll do better than you thought, you always do! And, if you’re like me, you always eat healthier and sleep better after a workout, too. 

Plenty of circumstances will arise to throw a wrench in your path but remember You choose the story you get to live. Follow your inner compass to guide your through.

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