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Hitting a Wall in Your Workouts?

How do you know if you’re pushing too hard in your workouts?

As your coach, I love hearing when you’ve put yourself through a difficult workout that challenges your body — after all, that is what creates change! That said, many interval sessions are structured to save all of the rest until you’ve completed a full circuit of back-to-back exercises which in some cases could make you gas out!

It’s just a way to extend the higher intensity push to build your cardio capacity and endurance. That doesn’t mean you should be going at 1,000 percent with reckless abandon the whole class, though.

Instead, tune in to your body and figure outwhat makes the most sense so that you can go consistently strong throughout your workout versus hitting it too hard and crashing. That might mean aiming to stay between 80 to 90 percent of your max effort during class—or whatever challenging level you can maintain for those 30 to 45 minutes between your warmup and cooldown.

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