My Go-To Solution for Anxiety

How are we here already? I blink and we have arrived in the final weeks of December with the year’s end just a few sleeps away! But if I’m being honest, I feel anxious and unprepared because we’ve come so far into the year so quickly, and frankly, it’s made me a little weary about taking on a whole new year.

So why am I telling you all of this?… Chances are, you’re feeling the same way too and I wanted to tell you that it’s normal and healthy and NOT out of your means to do something about it!! Whenever I’m in hardship or have a day when I am overwhelmed with what’s on my plate, all I need to do to keep my proverbial kettle from boiling over is MOVE.

It’s strangely powerful how nesting in my home, walking outside for 20 minutes or even throwing some weights around help me feel a sense of progression paired with an open space in my mind where solutions have a place bubble up and arrive on their own.

I find peace without even trying, and you will too. My challenge to you is to find the actions in your life that get you to recenter. There are no limits to your choosing…. I’ve had clients find peace in washing the dishes, power lifting and one even took up the art of Bonsai design!

Excited to hear what you come up with so tag me on
socials @jenwiderstrom so I can see what you’re up to!


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