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The ONE Thing That Makes or Breaks Your Day

Have you been feeling all good and happy, thenstep on the scale and think it should be lower? It immediately affects your mood, motivationand even manners with yourself?…Insert your standing personal insult here. Well this happens to me too (just this week in fact!)so I wanted to share how I don’t let the numberon the scale get to me.

In that moment of reaction, I replace thenegative voice in my head with a question:
What have my consistent habits been this week?

If I’ve been moving my body consistently, eatingwell and taking care of myself, then I smile andignore it because I know my body is exactly whereit supposed to be and clearly I’m just being sillyand too hard on myself. However, if when I play back each day and realizeI haven’t been doing those things, I know there is something I can do about it…

Clear actionable to-do’s that I write down on a physical piece of paperthat will result in that shift down on the scale.


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